Dr. Mark Sherman, Director, Cybersecurity Foundations, CMU

Director, Cybersecurity Foundations, CMU

Dr. Mark Sherman is the Technical Director of the Cybersecurity Foundations directorate in the CERT Division of the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CMU SEI).

Sherman leads a diverse team of researchers and engineers on projects that focus on foundational research on the life cycle for building secure software, data-driven analysis of cybersecurity, cybersecurity of quantum computers, cybersecurity for and enabled by machine learning applications and detecting fake media.

Sherman also serves as an Affiliated Faculty member of the CMU Security and Privacy Institute (CyLab).

Sherman was at IBM and various startups, working on mobile systems, integrated hardware-software appliances, transaction processing, languages and compilers, virtualization, network protocols and databases.

Sherman earned SB degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in

Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a PhD from CMU in Computer Science.

Sherman has authored more than 50 articles and five books on various topics in computer science.

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