Dr. Torsten Staab

CIO, Cyber, Intelligence & Services, Raytheon Intel. & Space

Dr. Torsten Staab is a Raytheon Principal Engineering Fellow. He serves as Chief Innovation Officer for Raytheon Intelligence & Space's Cyber, Intelligence, and Services business unit. In addition, Staab also serves as Chief Technology Officer for Raytheon Blackbird Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies.

Staab has an extensive background in software and systems engineering and cyber security. He is a recognized subject matter expert in areas such as Zero Trust Security, data analytics, machine learning, distributed systems and laboratory automation. He has contributed to more than 50 publications, as well as five issued and nine pending patents. He received a Diplom Informatiker (FH) degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany. In addition, he also holds master of science and doctorate degrees in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico.