Imran Umar

Distinguished Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton

Imran Umar is a senior solution architect serving Booz Allen’s defense and civil clients. In this role, he applies expertise to lead service offerings related to cybersecurity and infrastructure engineering.

Imran works to advance the adoption and fusion of concepts such as zero trust, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to improve cyber resiliency. His experience spans the commercial, civil, and defense sectors, and he has been a trusted advisor for Department of Defense (DoD) customers. For his DoD customers, Imran led a team of cybersecurity engineers to modernize legacy security operations through the adoption of advanced analytics to detect cyber threats and security orchestration, automation, and response capabilities to accelerate defenses. He also oversaw a team of engineers who were critical in the development and release of DoD’s zero trust reference architecture.

Before joining the firm, Imran led the engineering and design of Verizon’s high-speed backbone network and helped automate the configuration and hardening of their critical infrastructure.

Imran earned a master’s degree in information and telecommunication systems, with a focus on cybersecurity, from Johns Hopkins University, and a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University.