Julian Zottl

CTO, Raytheon Cyber Protection Solutions

Julian Zottl is the Chief Technology Officer for Raytheon Cyber Protection Solutions within Raytheon Technologies Intelligence and Space (RIS) business. He is also Cyber and Information Operations Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Cyber Architect on multiple projects. RIS is a leader in Intelligence, Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR); advanced cyber solutions; weather and environmental solutions and information-based solutions for homeland security. It also provides training, logistics, engineering, product support, and operational support services and solutions for the mission support, homeland security, space, civil aviation, counter-proliferation and counterterrorism markets.

Julian has over 28 years in Cyber Engineering. He received his undergrad and masters in Electrical Engineering. During grad school, he worked for the Vitreous State Laboratory (VSL). There, he architected a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to control the flow, processing and disposal of nuclear waste. Later, these technologies were deployed at nuclear waste disposal sites throughout the U.S. From VSL, he went to work at NASA HQ, engineering solutions for the NASA Network Operations Center (NOC) to enhance security. Next, he went to FannieMae, where he helped bring the organization up to SOX compliance and enhanced the cyber security of FannieMae’s web servers (over 8000). He then joined Raytheon and has been with the company for over 15 years.

During his tenure at Raytheon, Julian has been awarded multiple patents for Cyber Security and Information Operations (IO). These patents cover technologies from malware lab isolation to Internet communication monitoring. Additionally, he has multiple patents filed that are awaiting award. Recently, he finished the accredited Raytheon Certified Architect Program and is working on his final project. He will also be starting his Doctorate in Cyber Security in 2021.

Julian’s career at Raytheon started in reverse engineering for US Intelligence and Defense customers. There he took apart hardware and software to discover how it worked, then augmented it for new purposes.

Julian’s reversing led him to explore Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) technologies, where he developed systems to help retain anonymity on the Internet to collect information.

Given the serious security required, Julian took a project for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to modernize the security of the missile defense system of the US.

After this, Julian became the Chief Architect in charge of International Cyber projects at Raytheon. He traveled throughout the world, presenting at conferences and to customers on architecting nation scale Computer Network Defense (CND) and Information Operation solutions. These included over 15 countries, and within the US, at conferences such as DEFCON and BSides .He also led a panel at DEFCON Blue team after dark in 2019 on APT threats. In addition to his work outside of Raytheon, he presents regularly to Raytheon employees on Cyber topics.

Presently, he is fulfilling several roles: CTO of CPS and Chief Architect on DOMino, a 1.7B project to protect the U.S. Government's infrastructure.

Outside of work, Julian is an off piste skier, Rally Cross competitor, climber, and technology enthusiast.