Jyllian Clarke

Global Head of Security Training, Amazon

Jyllian is an accomplished Senior Manager at Amazon and a Certified Executive Coach with proven success in building and sustaining high performing teams. After beginning her career as a Probation Officer in Colorado, she served in a myriad of security disciplines in the U.S. Government for more than 20 years. She also held various education and training positions throughout her career, along with serving as a senior lead and champion for Diversity and Inclusion within the U.S. Government. In January 2020, Jyllian joined Amazon where she has been focused on threat detection and response.  Through this work, she built collaborative partnerships across Amazon, advocating for a comprehensive approach to addressing threats to the company. Jyllian expanded her passion for security, leadership and development, education and training, and diversity and inclusion at Amazon; joining the Growth Strategies team earlier this year where she is focused on professional development for Amazon security professionals, along with educating Amazon employees, customers and the general public about security-related issues and data protection. Jyllian is active in her community, supporting youth, high school, and travel sports and serves as a committee member for the Zachary Hebda Foundation in its fight to end childhood cancer.