Sean Zadig

Vice President, CISO, and 'Chief Paranoid', Yahoo

Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and ‘Chief Paranoid’ Yahoo

Sean Zadig is the Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and ‘Chief Paranoid’ for Yahoo. The Paranoids are responsible for protecting Yahoo’s more than one billion users around the world, as well as the company’s employees and systems. Sean and his team work closely and collaboratively at all levels across Yahoo’s dynamic media and technology brands to strive for the highest level of security and safety amid evolving online threats.

Sean has been with the company for 8 years. Prior to taking on the CISO role at Yahoo, he was the VP of Cyber Defense where he led a talented group of security professionals in conducting security operations, managing active and potential threats, and curating and distributing actionable intelligence. He also focused heavily upon user safety and platform trust and built teams that disrupted cybercriminal networks, child sex traffickers, and government-backed attackers.

Prior to joining Yahoo, Sean spent time at Google and NASA working on cybercrime matters. While at NASA as a Special Agent in the Office of Inspector General, Computer Crimes Division, Sean focused upon international organized cybercrime and led significant cases leading to arrests and prosecutions worldwide, in topics such as child pornography, West African fraud, malware, click fraud, and computer intrusions. Sean holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California at Davis, a Masters in Criminal Justice from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University. Sean also is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).